-regarding the pride parade

Well, after hearing the recent comments of mister Gražulis, Uoka, etc. thoughts regarding the pride parade…..

I would like to publicly ask those ‘patriots’ to stop expressing their ‘patriotism’ and give the Lithuanian diaspora  at least a some dignity.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of having to explain myself to my friends.

I’ve lost several friends because of what ‘True Lithuanians’ say. But I’ve reached my tiping point by now.

Dear ‘patriots’ please stop constantly putting me to shame with your ‘patriotic’ actions and let me have at least some pride in my country, rather than the constant shame I feel every time somebody asks me of my nationality!

With Regards,

Justas P.


And for all the participants of the upcoming pride parade, I wish you a great time!


-Dėl eitynių

Na, turbūt visi girdėjome gerbiamo Gražulio, Uokos, ir t.t. pasisakymus dėl gėjų eitynių…..

Šį postą rašau ‘supaprastinta lietuvių šnekta, kad galėtų suprasti visi ‘tikri lietuviai’…

Aš viešai norėčiau paprašyti šių ‘patriotų’, ‘tautininkų’  nustoti reikšti savo ‘patriotizmą ir duoti emigravusiems lietuviams bent šiek tiek savigarbos.

Jau ne pirmą draugą ir draugią praradau dėl ‘tikrų Lietuvių’, bet dabar jau per daug. Manės vos neišmetė iš darbo, jau ką kalbėti kad kolegos nebebendrauja su manimi.

Gerbiamas ponas Gražuli, gražiai prašiau nustokit gėdinti lietuvių diasporą ir leiskite bent šiek tiek didžiuotis savo lietuviškumu, vietoj pastovios gėdos, kurią jūs mums pastoviai sukeliate!


Justas P.


Ir visiems artėjančių eitynių proga linkiu smagiai praleisti šventę!

fashion advise from eastern europe

For men

are you worried you don’t look aggressive and drunk? are minorities not afraid of you? In that case, Adidas and Nike are here to help you out. here are some prime examples of eastern European sexyness.

See how hanging out in a gang just makes the “gay basher” look stand out?

For women

do you look respectable? have a job? no worries, this will save you….

What is the West?

Horn Of Vente

this is a little Painting I did when I was in Ventes Ragas.

Yesterday night, I went to Scotmids to buy some Cigarettes. I was almost 12 o’clock and the minute I Stepped outside It was snowing. That got me thinking.

Winter is coming, well it’s actually here already. Is that a good thing? as usual I went on a little rant about how cold it is, but why did it bother me so much this year and not last year and so on. I’m fucking Lithuanian I should be used to it by now. does this mean I’m getting used to British weather? Probably, But it got me thinking about all sorts of British stuff, politics in particular.

Back in Lithuania My German teacher always told my I was very western and how much she admired that in me. But was I? God knows, ever since I came to Britain, I have used the Eastern European card as often as I could. Starting with vodka and ending with a somewhat disrespectful comment about the Monarchy, even thou I never actually meant it, as a matter of fact I love The duke of Edinburgh (he is the racist granddad of my dreams).  Was my German teacher right? Am I western? Or was she simply referring to my fairly well-known liberal political views? I’m a Obama supporter, pro-choice, pro-gay, anti-nationalist. Is that all there is to being Western? Or is there something deeper behind that phrase? Quite often I hear actual westerners referring to eastern Eastern Europe as some kind of backwards, mysterious place, a collection of second world countries( not all of them are, take Estonia as an example) but to a lesser degree I do too. I’m from the Baltic states and it has become a frequent thing for me to explain the difference the Baltic states and the Balkans (something I find difficult since I know virtually nothing about the Balkans). I have adopted this collective, largely negative identity of eastern Europe. God knows, most westerners think I’m waxing some bodies pubic hair in my free time to make some money (I Don’t).  It is well known that eastern Europe is not the most progressive place in the world but that doesn’t mean that all eastern Europeans never smile or are extremely conservative. After all I don’t fit into that category. Yet once people figure out I’m Lithuanian their faces change from a nice smile to grim glare. Are they even ‘western’ since they seem to me somewhat prejudice. Or does being western mean something completely different here in the west?

That I don’t know and I doubt I ever will.